Innovative Software Solutions

Knowledge, experience, proficiency and vision makes WebTech a leading digital and Cognitive Computing company

Our areas of expertise

WebTech covers the entire digital world: B2C / B2E / B2B portals, enterprise mobile applications, form systems, and corporate social networks. We help the organization manage its information and knowledge with enterprise content management systems, knowledge management systems, and smart search systems.

We bring the organizations into the era of Cognitive Computing using the leading tools in the artificial intelligence world, including IBM Watson.

We can produce successful solutions using the best tools available in the market.
The tool selection is carried out following market and technological research, we develop the skills and bring the unique knowledge to our customers.

IBM Products
Advanced Business Partner for IBM Software WebSphere, Digital Experience, Social and Analytics

Open source systems- Liferay Portal
Open source systems are suitable for all organizations, regardless of its size. The systems enable flexibility, speed, efficiency and financial savings in their implementation.

Mobile Products
Development and implementation of cellular and tablet applications according to the customer's requirements, including characterization, design, and development.

Cognitive Computing
Increase the ability to analyze and understand information using AI tools. Leading in the Watson application.

Products & Solutions

Websites development
A website is the basic digital asset for any company or organization.
WebTech develops websites from the concept stage, through characterization, design, development, construction and monitoring of usage data.

B2B Portal
A B2B portal enables companies that the organization works with - suppliers and business partners, an efficient, and secure connection to work together. WebTech has experience and expertise in implementing and integrating business portals.

Digital Forms
WebTech builds customer-tailored digital form arrays, including building relevant fields, embedding a digital signature and sending the form to the destination address, reducing bureaucratic processes that save the company or organization valuable work time and staff.

Knowledge Management Systems
WebTech has developed a complete solution for organizational knowledge management, a central knowledge management system that enables the employee to receive personal alerts and new messages, a mechanism that requires him to read and sign important information sheets and documents, and gives the option to test and to give feedback on the published information as well.

WebTech Morphology Service
WebTech's Text Morphology Service (TMS) enables companies to enhance enterprise application capabilities, manage and leverage their accumulated knowledge by providing real-time text analysis, accessible through API, regardless of the platform of technology or the quality of the analyzed text (ie spelling and linguistic structure).

Watson is an artificial intelligence system. The system is based on a combination of techniques for human language processing, knowledge representation, information retrieval and generating automatic Conclusions. The knowledge of the system is based on the processing of hundreds of millions of pages on the Internet. The system can integrate into web sites and enable the existence of a system that answers real-time questions.

WebTech ChatBot
A smart multilingual chatbot which supports natural language conversations.


System Administration
WebTech provides consulting and support services to the Administration System.
The WebTech team includes experienced UNIX/Linux and IBM product experts.

Custom Development
WebTech provides on-demand development services around node.js, Java, .net and PHP, in Mobile (ios, Android), Angular, React.

Enterprise Portals
WebTech is experienced in implementing and integrating enterprise portals in leading organizations and companies. The Portal is integration of social solutions, search options and forms.

WebTech guides you through the process and implements WebSphere, WebSphere Portal, Java, Portlet Development, and provides open source solutions such as Joomla and Wordpress.

Mobile App development
WebTech develops advanced mobile systems, from the concept stage, to design, development, construction, and monitoring of usage data.

Liferay Portal
WebTech is an official business partner of Liferay and is authorized to market and provide consulting services.